Elysium is an active medieval roleplaying MineCraft Server, which allows its members to create and play a role-play character, based on the medieval era. To assist this process, Elysium contains variouse plugins and rules in order to enhance the roleplaying atmosphere. The Elysium RP server is owned by Sammo346 , and administrated with the assistance of his various staff . You can watch some videos about Elysium by viewing the various Trailers.

To access Elysium, players need to be using the 1.11 version of Minecraft, and connect to server ip: 


Elysium is a semi-vanilla Towny server with McMMO and grief protection.

The server also includes a custom selection of  specialised plugins including: Brewery, Marriage, and pets. The server also supports optional use of the More Players Mod.


Elysium's RP areas are based on the medieval era. Players are encouraged to be mature, and follow the RP guidelines while in public RP areas.

For non-medieval RP, players can build their own towns, and create their own private RP activities with friends.


Elysium is a safe place for both children and mature Roleplayers alike.

The community content includes an active forum, and discord.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.