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Origins Edit

Aeons come from a small, powerful yet fallen country outside of Elysium. They're quite similar to Dark Elves and Mages alike, however their powers come from an ancient object, also a crystallized rose, called The Rose of the Aeons (only Aeons can use the power within the object), and their Aeon Spirit.

The Aeon Spirit Edit

Every Aeon is born with an Aeon Spirit. Depending what type of spirit they have will give them a certain type of power. There are four spirits, and are listed below:

  • Red - The power of fire. Able to control fire. The most common spirits. Their powers can be deadly at times depending on the Aeon.
  • Blue - The power of water. Able to control water and ice. Their powers can heal others.
  • White - The power of ice. Able to control ice and water. Rare spirits. Their powers can heal others, but can be deadly at times depending on the Aeon. They're the deadliest out of all spirits.
  • Brown - The power of earth. Able to control earth, nature and the like. Their powers can be deadly at times depending on the Aeon.

The Spirit War Edit

There once were four clans that lived together peacefully: the Red clan, Blue clan, White clan and Brown clan. However, the White clan's chief, Fimbulvetr, grew insane one day and began to attack other clans, which caused the The Spirit War to begin. The war came to an end after approximately 145 years. Millions of Aeons, including those who had nothing to do with the war, were killed. Only a few Aeons exist to this day.

After the great war, the final Aeons scattered throughout the entire world, living in different areas.

List of Players Edit

  • Shiva / excaliburia [founder of the race, the last white clan survivor]