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A small, simple work of lore. WIP. I understand this lore is crappy, for it was slightly thrown together with various pieces across Elysium as support.

Anti-Shilkeryn Edit

Anti-Shilkeryn are a race of people who are basically immune toward the 'Shilkeryn Black Elements' and any attacks in general from a Shilkeryn person to a limited extent of course. This means any damage dealt by a member of the Shilkeryn species is slightly watered down, - not heavily.. but a considerable amount.

This is because they're a branch of Ancient Elves themselves, for one thing.

How it Works Edit

As mentioned within the Shilkeryn lore, these folk are pretty much a branch of Ancient Elves equipped with corrupted magic. Because of the fact they are branched from Ancient Elves who are primarily beings of light, Anti-Shilkeryn harness the demon species' ancient ways negating their corrupted magic.. and having the Shilkeryn's Black Elemental attacks heal them if anything.

Also, to further negate and strengthen this they spend years of their life practicing voidal magic, which consumes their recently initiate attack.

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