The Bovine Lightbringer

This is primarily for folks to brush up on a brief summary on his political workings. Not necessarily the character itself. It allows me to explain things easier. Aswell as, it was requested.
A hulking brute with a tribal background. This fellow was mainly in the merchant scene before he was slowly dragged into the treacherous, drama filled realm of Elysium politics not so long ago - from his childhood aspirations of becoming an achieved leader after witnessing the conflict and turmoil by his people.. and the effects of the ancient disbanding of the Sunwalker Order.

The paladin beast closely follows the teachings, and beliefs of the Tauren species..

Below is a sound clip of Maliseet's voice.

General Information Edit

Maliseet is heavily involved in global events. This means he is typically dragged into combat when appropriate. This brute wields a spiked shield and gargantuan war hammer. Heavy plate armor and a hefty knowledge base in outside forces, such as - magic. He trains himself, and has been trained by others.. He is not to be toyed with.

He has witnessed a handful of disputes and meetings between various organizations, let alone take part of them directly. When he first did in fact take part in was slightly similar to organizing trade, things along those lines - but at the same time, it was like nothing else. Fighting to ensure that he stayed within the rules and regulations of his people, and his own personal beliefs, he was very cautious within the realm of turmoil of which had grown around him.

Present/Previous Groups Edit

A list of organizations Arapaho has fueled and or taken part in. This isn't even all of them. *Not in order

  • The A.S.A
  • The Sun Hand (Nothing to do with Sunwalkers)
  • The Sunwalker Order (He leads them.)
  • The former Iris Alliance
  • The former Dwair Alliance
  • The former Lotus Alliance
  • The former Ordo Alliance
  • The Elemental Council
  • A.Y.U Rebellion
  • The nation of Steel Legion (Emperor)
  • Iuris Council
  • The League of Elysium
  • Saramore (Saramore in general. He left them though.)
  • The White Crusaders
  • And more.
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