Blumoose (also known as Moosu) is the Great Moose, and Dragon Puncher of Elysium. The correct formal greeting to welcome a moose into Elysium, is by publicly announcing: "The Moose is loose!"

Moosu's Speech Edit

The great moose of Elysium likes to make speeches. Many of which are humorous and entertaining for players who understand the related inside jokes. Unfortunately, we can't display them here on the wiki, because the wiki is a very formal document of proper things, and certainly not a joke.


Blumoose first joined the Elysium server in May 2015 after being invited by his friends.

His first public appearance was noted by Darkecojaj, when blumoose was caught making particularly interesting jokes which we can't document on the wiki for once again being too funny for you.

Later, blumoose engaged many representatives of the community and captured the hearts of leaders such as HashBr0wnie, Zammi_, rolster3, fablehero, and even possibly Sammo346.

Today, blumoose lives in the humble residence of Orchid Lakes Estate with his fiancé Sarah, and their three adopted children, aswell as Moosu's brother Ivan, and their pet dog fenrir. Coincidently, Moosu's next door neighbour, happens to be an accountant who works for Mordor.

He also happens to be a priest for the server, and also the mayor of HashBr0wnie's nation - thus indirectly making him arguably the richest player in Elysium- but that's just details.