The information on this page can also be found on the Brewery plugin's wiki page here. This page relates to the custom brewery plugin , which is used to make alcohol in Elysium with the assistance of Wooden Barrels. For information relating to normal Alchemy performed in a brewing stand, please check the article on Brewing in the Minecraft Wiki.

Brewery User Tutorial on ElysiumRP Minecraft-0

Brewery User Tutorial on ElysiumRP Minecraft-0

A tutorial on how to use the Brewery plugin


To make potions, mix the ingredients in a boiling pot heated over a fire (use netherrack). Cook the mixture for the allotted time as described below (use the clock on the pan to check if the mixture is ready). Then remove the drinks using 3 empty glasses on the pot. If the recipe requires any distillation, add the unfinished potion to the brewing stand and mix it with the dust of the glowing stone as many times as your drink needs. Finally, keep the drink in a wooden barrel, only as needed. Note: some drinks, such as vodka, will be destroyed by aging.


Most of the brewed drinks have an alcoholic value, which can lead to making the player drunk. Side effects of this may include dizziness, blindness, slurred talking and more. To sober up, try drinking lots of milk and eating bread, or simply wait for the effects to fade off.

If you need to talk in chat whilst drunk, use * or [] at the start and end of the sentence to talk normally.


Drinks can be aged by being placed into a wooden barrel. Certain drinks require a specific type of barrel (refer to list below). Each Minecraft day is equal to a whole year of aging. To learn how to build a wooden barrel, check the plugin's wiki page here. A small barrel is made by placing 8 stair blocks to make a horizontal cylinder. A big barrel requires more block (4 fences, 16 stairs, and 18 wood planks). Both require a sign to placed with the word "Barrel" typed in order to turn the blocks into a working barrel. If done right, there should be a message saying a barrel was created.


Russian Vodka

     ingredients: 10 potato
     cookingtime: 10 minutes
     distillruns: 2
     age: None

Fine Wheatbeer

     ingredients: 3 wheat
     cookingtime: 8 minutes
     distillruns: 0
     age: 2 years in a Oak barrel

Fine Beer

     ingredients: 6 wheat
     cookingtime: 8 minutes
     distillruns: 0
     age: 3 years in a Spruce barrel

Fine Darkbeer

     ingredients: 6 Wheat
     cookingtime: 8 minutes
     distillruns: 0
     age: 8 years in a Dark Oak barrel

Golden Mead

ingredients: 6 sugarcane  
cookingtime: 3 minutes
distillruns: 0
age: 4 years in an Oak barrel

Sweet Golden Apple Mead

     ingredients:  6 sugarcane, and 2 apples
     cookingtime: 4 minutes
     distillruns: 0
     age: 6 years in an Oak barrel

Golden Rum

Ingredients: 14 sugar cane
cook time: 5 minutes
distillruns: 8
14 years in Oak barrels

Strong Absinthe

 ingredients: 15 grass
 cookingtime: 3 minutes
 distillruns: 6
 age: None

Strong Coffee

ingredients: 12 Cocoa Bean, 2 Milk Bucket
cookingtime: 2 minutes
distillruns: 0
age: None

Coca Cola

ingredients: 12 Sugar, 2 Sugar Canes, 2 Cocoa Bean
cookingtime: 2 minutes
distillruns: 3
age: None


ingredients : 5 eggs, 1 mild, 2 sugar

cook time : 3 mins

distillruns : none

age : 2 years (spruce barrel so far)
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