This page is no longer relevant (As of 10/12/16). Reason: Due to the issues caused using this chest shop plugin with the newly updated 1.11 server, it was replaced with another plugin.

The New Chest-shop Plugin can be found here:

Shop example
This page was about how to use the old chest shop plugin on Elysium.

List of public Chest-shops in ElysiumEdit

Major Stores:

Teleport Main Item Types Manager(s)
/t spawn Shops All HashBr0wnie
/t spawn El_Dorado All Ganqaskong & Ian_Gancas
/t spawn Gardendale All Shrade774

Small Stores:

Nearest Teleport Main Item Types Manager(s) 
/t spawn Heralius Logs FubukiGames 
/t spawn End Farm Produce BlackBushi
/t spawn Shai All TrigunGirl742
/t spawn Avalion Weapons / Armour Pookey
/t spawn Tetora Food Akardos
/t spawn Farm Farm Produce HashBr0wnie
/t spawn Mines Mining Goods HashBr0wnie
/t spawn Shops Enchanted Books Eevuii
/t spawn Eldari Local Produce Edward_Lupin
/t spawn StoryBrooke Food Pandashotgun

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Inactive Stores:

Nearest Teleport Main Item Types Manager(s)
Walk West from Dunta Potions & Enchatments Zammi_ 

Using Chest ShopsEdit

Any player may purchase or sell items from a valid chest shop , assuming that the chest maintains sufficient stock and the player has sufficient money in their account.

Right Clicking will buy the item, putting it into your inventory and removing money, assuming you have a free spot in your inventory.

Left Clicking will sell it, assuming you have enough to sell and there is space in the chest.

Creating Chest ShopsEdit

To create a chest shop , the store owner will need: a chest , sign , and items to be sold.

A chest shop works using a sign attached to a chest holding the sale items. This sign can be placed in any block which is directly joined to the box (includes above, below, beside, in-front of or attached to the box).

To activate a chest shop, the sign must be set up in the following manner:

  1. <Leave blank>
  2. <Quantity>
  3. B <Price>:<Price> S
  4. <Item name or code>

B <Price> is the buying price of the item, S <Price> is the selling price of the item. You do not need both the selling price and buying prices on there, you can have either one alone or both if you wish so. Typically you wish for the selling price to be lower then the buying price, this way you don't lose out on money when someone sells that item to you.

When the chest is made it will provide your username automatically in the top line, for example:

Before After
2016.03.11 - Chest Shop Before
2016.03.11 - Chest Shop After

A sample of the information a player can enter in the the sign in order to generate a chest shop.

64 is the number of items you will buy with one click. 4 is the itemcode for cobblestone.

A sample of the completed chest shop sign, where the player username is auto-filled.

5 is the price for a customer to purchase the items. 2 is income a player will receive if they sell the items back to the shop.

Item ID's: Edit

The best way to obtain the correct itemcode for a particular item, is by holding the item in your hand and use the command '/iteminfo'. This will give you the exact item code required for creating the chest shop.

Alternatively, if you don't have a sample of the item in your hand, the ID can be looked up online:

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