This page describes aspects which no longer exist in Elysium. The page remains here as a documentation of Elysium's history.

Introduction Edit

Introduced by Amroth Knight, Chicardia from Hixitium came during the 1.7 days of the server and opened his first town Astellia_Haven. A loyal worker of Amroth Knight, Chicardia brought in many people to Elysium from Hixitium, providing them with a safe place also known as his town, Astellia_Haven. During 1.8 he helped out by building the spawn in the 1.8.

Unfortunately, Chicardia was permanently banned for breaking server rules, and is no longer a member of the Elysium community. This article remains here as a historic document of previous events.

History Edit

Building Astellia_Haven, Gossentier Estates, Doumor and being one of the founding monarch of the once strongest empire on the Elysium Server, the Slantin Empire, Chicardia's history provides a lesson in good leadership and a hearty legacy in the Elysium Server.

1.7 Astellia Haven Edit

Created as a safe haven for anyone running from their problems, enemies, big powerhouses, or as just a resort home. Inspired by the chaos and the countless graves that Amroth Knight put inside the ground, Chicardia and his fellow friends decided to start building the town amid the countless crusades against Mors Castlette.

1.7 Gossentier Estates Edit

Created from the character Hogar, Gossentier proves itself as a powerhouse, being granted sustenance from DarkE in exchange for ores that Chicardia gave to DarkE.

Doumor / The Slantin Empire Edit

To this day, no town can compare in population towards Doumor, as it has had the most population as of 1.8 Elysium history. Giving townsmen access to the vast wealth of the Doumor kingdom, and having no discrimination of who could come into the town, Doumor proved to have a thriving community in the early months of 1.8 Elysium. Doumor also granted shelter with there spacious castle to all who needed it, and set beginners with a good start for the vast lands of Elysium.

The Slantin Empire, boasted 12 cities, all having the protection of the Slantin Royal Guardians. All enemies who threatened the Slantin Empire, would be eradicated, swiftly and carefully at a moments notice by the king himself, with great pleasure. Although, being very militaristic and political, The Slantin Empire is still keeping good trade routes, and being friendly politically, The Slantin Empire kept good words with all of it's surrounding and it's partners towns.

After being banned, Slantin had fallen and is now forgotten by players. But, _Malynn is at work on regaining Slantin's power in honor of Chicardia's work.

Trivia Edit

  • Owns the account of MrHufle
  • Likes being on the bottom
  • Likes The Cat Empire
  • Favorite Food is Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, also hates sushi even though the person interviewing him's profile photo is a bunch of Asian kids
  • Rejoined the server once again