This page is about the player: CluckyTheChicken (aka. Clucky)

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History Edit

CluckyTheChicken joined Elysium on approximately October 11th of 2015. There is some uncertainty regarding which username he had at this point in time.

Clucky's name changes frequently, about once every month. Some usernames used so far while on the server include: CluckyTheChicken, CluckyTheMage, CluckyTheDalek, CluckyTheLlama, FundipKing, _FloweyDaFlower_, Cluckerz, CluckyTheGem, Uncle_CluckE, IHatePookey, and currently CatChickenLlama. Clucky currently resides in the town of Ostwynn under the rule of octoroyal.

Characters Edit

While having few characters, most last long and develop (IRP). Clucky particularly likes to role-play as most characters until they usually die. His most used and now deceased character, Jackson, was around for quite a while. Even Clucky himself doesn't know how long Jackson was around.

Other characters include William Randle, Michael, a creature known as a Reflection, Roger, Clyde, Adeline, Samuel, Theodore, and a few possible characters that weren't fully created, including a scarecrow, but those don't really count. In that category of "unfinished" are a few characters that were tested but never implemented.

While having some varying lore, he seems to enjoy having mage-related characters. With Michael and Jackson, a dragon-like bat has followed them around as a companion.

Controversy & TriviaEdit

  • Clucky claims to have "seriously bad luck" for being around during events, explaining that he "almost always misses them" and does not "get nice itemz[sic] or see deh[sic] kewl[sic] events!". This makes Clucky cry constantly with emojis.
  • At times, Clucky jokingly refers to DarkE  as his master. He then whacks people with frying pans while pecking their eyes out (out of character, of course).
  • Clucky hopes that readers will enjoy knowing that information.
  • Clucky has also been called "Creepy Uncle Jackson" and reminds people to lock their doors at night. He likes to see the reaction people have when they hear disturbing speech.
  • Clucky is friends with people like: Helios, Monkeh, Fluffeh, and others including a female llama named Oreo who once said "FABULLAMA!!!" In the case of Oreo and Fluffeh, both have either distanced themselves or become inactive on the server.
  • He has an account on the Wiki, CluckyTheWikiEditor . He is very happy that he finally got to make this.
  • Clucky sometimes help rikkert00 in writing backstories on the forum page called "Backstories?" (
  • Clucky has an alt with the name "RedNosedLlama" that he essentially gave himself--in other words, forced everyone around him to let him get it with no questions asked--for his birthday. The known usernames for this alt are LlamaForPres, LlamaLivesMatter, and the current one, RedNosedLLama. The alt is the 'placeholder mayor' for HashBr0nies town, Mines.

More will be added to this page eventually as Clucky thinks of more information to add and information is updated.