Coedwig is a large, nature-based town location within Fei. They're a part of the nation named Saramore. The town is quite large, meaning the community is very vast and has a lot to offer... You can see people roleplaying around spawn, or possibly in the taverns about.

How to JoinEdit

In order to join, you'll need to contact one of the following players with the message command (/msg) if they're online. We are not an open town so you must be invited to join. 

ThotPatroll  |  MoistHammer | WildWyvern | Azoura | Pengooei | robotruste12 

  • Subject to change. Last updated : 8/13/2017

Basic InformationEdit

Coedwig Information
Leader: ThotPatroll


Desc: The risen ruins of Aylesbury
World: Fei
Tax : None
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