Core Protect is a block-tracking plugin within Elysium. It can be activated via: /co i

All players have basic access to the plugin in order to see recent changes to areas.

Using Core Protect:Edit

To use core protect, type the command: "/co i". Then, to turn it off again, repeat the same command: "/co i".

While core protect is active, the player may left click on existing blocks, or right click on removed blocks and view the most recent data of changes made for that exact location. Regular players can only view information for one single block at a time. 

Players can use this information to check who has placed and/or removed blocks and items in a specific location. It alows players to check who has contructed an existing build, in order to contact the owner if required. And, the ability to see if an unauthorised player has broken a block or taken items within a specific area.

At times, a player may believe they have been griefed, and can use core protect to check who has caused the damage. If grief has occurred, players may wish to contact staff via '/helpop' in order to have the matter addressed accordingly.

Staff abilities with Core-protect:Edit

Certain staff have access to additional information which is also stored within core-protect. Admins have the ability to lookup all actions made within an area, and make searches based on specific players if they have been accused of griefing. Additionally, admins have the ability to view and restore mob-kills (including both hostile and friendly mobs).

If/when sufficient evidence of a grief offence has been made, admins have the ability to roll-back any damage caused by a specific player. This is usually done only for the allocated area where the grief occurred (maximum radius cannot exceed 100 meters).

Griefing is strictly prohibited in Elysium, as clearly stated in the server rules .

Exceptions and Limitations:Edit

Core protect does try to track all types of block and item changes, but there are a few limitations to its capabilities:

- Core Protect cannot track items placed or taken from armour stands. Please do not place any valuable items on an armour stand. They cannot be restored.

- Items in item-frames cannot be restored. Core protect is unable to restore items which have been stolen from an item frame. Please do not place valuables in item frames.


A tutorial for how to use core-protect has been published on YouTube by server owner Sammo346.

Elysium RP Core Protect Inspection Tutorial-0

Elysium RP Core Protect Inspection Tutorial-0

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