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Players who have donated £5GBP or more to Elysium are welcome to request a custom race title. This page gives examples of which races are permitted and which are not, along with a brief explanation.

Please note, Elysium staff still reserve the right to refuse any custom race name without reason, even if you believe that your race fits the guidelines.

Permitted Races

  •  Any race that matches the standard base-races
This is essentially a default race name but in aqua to show you have donated
  • Any race that is a renamed version of the standard base-races e.g. Sorcerer or Lycan, etc.
Staff may still refuse renamed versions if they believe it's too occupational
  •  Races that are easily recognisable and/or can be found via a search engine
These include pre-existing races from mythology, rather than a word from the dictionary
  • Race names in other languages
If it is not a default race in a different language, you must have some sort of explanation/lore behind the race name

Not-Permitted Races

For more in-depth information, please refer to the Locked Races page of the wiki.

  •  Anything related to being a God or Deity
God races can be considered to be unfair and overpowered
Also, keep in mind that if players wish to worship you by their own freewill (without force), they are allowed to do that, but you are not a God
This includes Avatars - Gods and/or Deities in human form (reborn or not)
You can still, technically, role-play as a God or such if you do not force players to believe this with force and you are not doing this in Elysium Public Locations
  •  Any sort of title and/or occupation e.g. King, Adventurer, Lord, Mercenary, etc.
Races must hint towards what your character is as a species or what they look like - not what they do for a living
This also includes any of the 'ranks' listed within the Demon Lore page
  • Arch may not be used as a prefix to your race e.g. Arch-Mage
Having it as a prefix suggests supremacy over a race
  • The following races are not allowed because they are considered too vague: Humanoid and Unknown
Consider a more specific race, since this will avoid confusion for other players when in role-play
  • The following races are not allowed because they conflict with Elysium Lore: Dragons, Wraiths and Ancients
These races, if ever used in public role-play, are only for staff to use as they may need to role-play to continue Official Elysium Events
Albeit, like Gods and Deities, you can still role-play as these races as long as you do it privately and not in one of the Elysium Public Location
  • The following races are not allowed because of the non-ERP rule on Elysium: Succubus and Incubus
These races are not permitted due to the mythology that is attached to it. ERP is strictly forbidden on Elysium and will result in a permaban.

Permitted Races with Special Conditions

  •  Any sort of Dragonborn or Dragonkin e.g. Dragon Mage, Dragon Fox, Draconian, etc.
The race must be a humanoid version which does not conflict with the Elysium lore (you cannot be a Dragon)
The race cannot include anything to do with Ancient Dragons, nor can they change into a Dragon form
  •  Anything that only exists in within fiction such as Dungeons and Dragons, Anime, Fandoms, etc.
It would be preferable if the race fits within the general Medieval setting of Elysium
  •  Any sort of Demon or Angel race
Specifically for Demon races, it would be preferable for it to be a specific type, such as Fire Demon or Ice Demon
This specification would be an element unless it has approved lore behind it
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