Darkecojaj (aka. DarkE) is an administrator of Elysium.

He may be contacted over skype as darkecojaj or may be messaged over discord


DarkE was first brought to the server by Shadowguy425 and stayed for nearly an hour on the 1.6 version. After not liking the server, he left.

By the time 1.7 rolled around, DarkE was reintroduced to the server without knowing it was the same server again by Shadowguy425 and his friend Timmywolfskull. DarkE agreed to help them and Fablehero316 build just a tree farm, but was asked for more errands to be done and fell in love with the server while building his tower.

During 1.7 DarkE lived in the town of Rivia, and worked closely with Fablehero316. He also built a massive tower out of obsidian and various other valuable blocks including many bookshelves.

After the fall of Rivia and Fable's departure, Darkecojaj ran the town multiple towns, from the Ancient Palace to Lohikaarme Jarvi, and founded the nation of Voima Harmonia (Strength Harmony) with the assistance of HashBr0wnie, and advice from MellonLord. He eventually left the nation and gave it over to HashBr0wnie .

Soon after this, fable left again, and DarkE started to take break again. Soon he was being called Badmin (Inspired by AnonymousOnline and Singe_) and started smiting people for it. This became a known thing in a community and had an interesting result, and still continues today.

Now DarkE is found currently in progress building a giant pumpkin pie farm to attempt to test the server and living with AnonymousOnline's town of Primrose.

DarkE has temporarily retired from his admin position, working as a builder instead. He is focusing on adding additions to Himmel, in order to make it an even better role-play area.

Trivia Edit

  • Is the main builder for the Himmel and the Library. He also had implemented the Ancient Palace with his own specific modifications.
  • He is known to be a bit cruel to players, even though he was considered the Good Cop when it came to his mafia partnership with fable as staff members.
  • He greatly appreciates Elysium memes and has a private collection of them, in which he shares some of the memes rarely.
  • He is usually one of the major people in-charge of implementing events.
  • Doesn't know how to use Wikia or Forum Tools.
  • Tends to be scary to newcomers, tends to get chumminess from veterans.