This page describes aspects which no longer exist in Elysium. The page remains here as a documentation of Elysium's history.

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RP StyleEdit

Dewlox doesn't take kindly to modern skins or fail RP'ers when in RP with him. Be warned, his characters are asses.

If you mess with him, expect to get harrassed. Especially if he's overly drunk... He's also extremely good at roleplaying.

He truly hates furries, bronies, and above 'em all, he hates "fnaf rpers". If you do not use grammar in your rp, he will proceed to insult and/or correct your mistakes. He may even avoid your rp if so chooses to.

RP CharactersEdit

Dewlox Valor is the emperor of The Dominion, and he has many characters, all named Dewlox. 

Upon encountering this tyrant of a vampire, simply proceed to flee from him, for' the emporer may disfigure you, through a process known as opidicus; During this process, Dewlox Valor will "instantly" attack you, not caring if your character blocked, dodged ect. Eventually this'll lead to your death.