Dunta is the spawn town of Elysium.

  • Dunta Spawn building
  • Crimson Stout Inn and the library
  • Shops and Dunta tavern
  • Aerial view of Old Dunta Village
  • Old Dunta Tavern
  • Old Dunta Shops
  • Inside Old Dunta Church
  • Old Dunta Spawn

Dunta is a common role-play location used for hosting minor role-play events, which often revolve around the tavern. Any new players who join the server is telaported to the Dunta spawn after completing the creation of their role-play character. Players may return to the character-creation rooms by clicking the red block inside the Dunta spawn building. But, this is not necessary, as most character-creation commands can be accessed outside (ref: list of useful commands). To visit Dunta use: /spawn

The village of Dunta contains multiple buildings, including...

  • Spawn - the spawn point for Elysium
  • Tavern - A popular role-play venue, which also provides basic information about the brewery plugin.
  • Shops - Contains a small selection of purchasable items
  • PetStore - Go here to buy a pet (prices starting at $10,000 (as of 29/02/16))
  • Church - Useful for RP weddings
  • Library - Contains bookshelves and playerheads (to see the top four voters)
  • Dock - For traveling to other public RP locations .
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