Elysium has a variety of events. They can be organised by staff and players alike.

Official EventsEdit

Official Events, refers to any event which is hosted by a member of the Elysium Staff Team. They are required to be compliant with the Elysium Official Lore, and should be regarded as "canon".

Plague [Finished]Edit

When a plague infection struck down a large number of people in Elysium, healthy dwellers of Elysium searched for clues leading to a cure and battled against those of the infected who did not want the cure to be found.

Darkness [Ongoing] Edit

The Darkness is an ongoing event campaign which extends across all of Elysium. With the presence of the Darkness, Elysium has been invaded with elusive monsters and bosses wandering its lands.

Nether/End Reset [Monthly] Edit

The Nether/End reset is a public event which is hosted every month. It usually takes place on the first or second Saturday of the month. This process restores all items in the Nether and End to their natural state based off the server seed. To celebrate the reset, a large boss battle is hosted, usually providing players with the opportunity to kill an Enderdragon and, potentially, collect its egg.

The Ancients [Discontinued] Edit

A completed series of role-play events. This included regular role-play events that were based around quests and Lore for the Ancients, hosted by DarkE and Fable and followed an extensive story line. These events were held on a daily or weekly basis, depending on availability, and necessary preparation required, and were usually more suited to those who followed American Time Zones.

Unofficial EventsEdit

Unofficial Events refer to any event which are hosted by players of the Elysium community. They may or may not follow the Official Elysium Lore.

To organise a community-ran event, we suggest creating an atricle for it on the forums' Role play section: