HashBr0wnie (aka. Sarah) has been an administrators for Elysium since March 2015. She first entered Elysium in July 2013 (during 1.6 Minecraft).


HashBr0wnie is an Australian administrator for the Elysium server. Due to her time zone normally she is only avilable during off-peak. As with all Elysium administrators, HashBr0wnie assists with grief-reports, rule breakers , and race-name maintainence. 

During her down time, HashBr0wnie enjoys trading with other players, and developing public OOC locations, checking the forums, and assisting with wiki development.

Contact detailsEdit

Sarah can be contacted directly via skype (Skype user-name: HashBr0wnie), inbox messages on the forums , and also messages left for her on the wiki .

RP CharacterEdit

In the world of Elysium, HashBr0wnie most commonly role-plays as a human named Sarah. Sarah's character lore states that she worked as a young baker for a family business before realising her potential as a trader and chose to build her own shop where she tries to put everything up for sale. Sarah's character worships the God of Economia, which has never been acknowledged as an official god in Elysium. 

Sarah currently lives with her adopted role-play family in Orchid Lakes Estate.

Trivia Edit

  • Sarah's favorite food is Brownies.
  • Sarah's favorite colors are Blue and Red.
  • Sarah's favorite activity is trading with other players.
  • Sarah is very cool.