I am working to make an item wiki on here. I posted this just so I have a shortcut to come back to. Please stay tuned for the updates! Please contribute when you can, as some information and items may be missing.

If you add an item, please make sure it isn’t a lored version of another item as it is not canon to Elysium.

I do not mind if you edit the organization, it’d be very helpful if you do.

Axes Edit

Bregnir’s Axe

(Diamond axe)

“This axe belonged to Bregnir, founder of the Grim Wolves, who tried to sacrifice his life to try to save Elysium from the Darkness. He failed, was taken by the Darkness and turned into a wraith."

-Sharpness I

-Efficiency I

-Punch X

-Flame X

-Unbreaking X


Executioner Axe

(Iron axe)

-Sharpness II

-Unbreakable II

-Knockback II

-+12 Attack damage

Swords Edit

Ancient Dagger

(Iron sword)

-Smite II

-Bane of Athropods II

-+40% speed

-7+ Attack damage


Ancient Greatsword

(Iron sword)

“Forged from ????? Held only by the strong"

-Smite V

-Bane of Athropods V

--50% Speed

-+17 Attack damage

-+100% Knockback resistance


Ancient Longsword

(Iron sword)

“Designed for ????? and is effective in duels"

-Smite IV

-Bane of Athropods IV

--20% Speed

-+13 Attack damage


Ancient Shortsword

(Iron sword)

-Smite III

-Bane of Athropods III

-+9 Attack damage


Greatsword of the Skeleton King

(Diamond sword)

"A powerful sword used by the King of Skeletons"

-Sharpness V

-Knockback II

-Fire Aspect II