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Nixara 3D

Princess Nixara (As seen on Elysium currently)

Origins Edit

The Lahan are an ancient tribe of Nekos, dating far back to the dawn of Elysium. Lahans had lived in isolation in their birth land. which had remained untouched up until around one hundred years ago. There is little known about the genocide of the Lahan race, and there is only one confirmed survivor.

The Lahan were gifted in Elemental Magic, seeming to have a connection between an element and the individual. For example, one who was born with the gift of ice powers may have felt discomfort in hot climates and their powers rendered temporarily useless.

It is also noted that the Lahan carried Vampyrism.

Notable Person(s) Edit

Princess Nixara Alyana Lyre: Edit

The sole survivor of the genocide of the Lahans and offspring of Queen Khala and King Miluun . Born with the fire element, she is extremely vulnerable to cold climates. During the Genocide of her race, an experimental procedure was tested on her, leaving her unable to be killed except by a Lahanian Blade. After she had lost her parents, she found herself Princess of a distant Kingdom of Bydale. Within a few years, she was adopted by Stoneheart, who was the eventual leader of The Nithral's Cult. Unfortunately, within months, Stoneheart was killed. Nixara found herself once again without parental guidance although she was nineteen years old biologically, but one hundred and nineteen physically. After seeking longing, she was looked after by a demon by the name of Starla. Eventually she was adopted by Sarah and Moosu. Currently she subsides in Underworld. Her Birthday is July 21st.

Queen Khala Farah Lyre: Edit

Biological mother to Princess Nixara, born with the fire element, and was a gifted writer. Deceased.

King Miluun Thy Lyre: Edit

Biological father to Princess Nixara, born with the ice element, and extremely superstitious. Deceased.