This article is about the '/lore' plugin which is used to rename items.

This article is not about about lore stories of Elysium.

Commands Edit

To view the full list of commands, type: '/lore'. This will display a list of the main commands which can be used with the lore plugin.

Command Functionality
/lore name <name> Set the item's name
/lore owner <username> Set the owner of a player skull
/lore add <text> Add a line of text to the item's lore description
/lore set <line #> <text> Modify an existing line of lore
/lore insert <line #> <text> Add a line of text to a specific line
/lore delete <line #> Delete a specific line of text
/lore clear Remove the item's lore
/lore undo Undo the last modification (upto 5 times)

Colour Codes Edit

To change the colour of the text in an item, include the below colour code formatters directly before the text when setting the name/lore.

2016.03.14 - MC Colour Codes

Trivia Edit

  • Elysium is a UK based server. "Colour" is spelt with a 'u'!

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