Elysium Wedding

An RP wedding in Elysium

Players in Elysium are welcome to marry their role-play spouse.

Marriage on Elysium is meant for serious role-play or easier game-play with a close friend. Players are not welcome to get married or divorced more than once a week.

As of the 1.11 update, all players are now able to marry and divorce themselves with /marry and /marry divorce respectively.


Command Usage
/marry <player> Marry the named player
/marry divorce Divorce with whoever you are married to
/marry kiss Kiss your husband/wife
/marry gift Send the item in your hand to your husband/wife
/marry tp Teleport to your husband/wife
/marry sethome Set the teleport point for your shared home
/marry home Teleport to your shared home
/marry list View a list of all married players
/marry chat Talk privately with your spouse
/marry chat toggle Toggle between private spouse chat and regular chat