Money in Elysium can be earned through a variety of methods. You can check your current balance using "/bal", "/balance" or "/money".

Monster-Killing Edit

Every naturally generated hostile mob in Elysium will provide a monetary reward upon its death, "for collecting its soul". This is the most common method of making money, and is recommended for most players. In order to increase the income speed, a good weapon and suitable armor should be used.

Originally, mob-slaying in the Nether used to be the fastest methods of income in Elysium.

Later, the value of mob kills has changed, and guardians gave up to $100 per kill, thus making Ocean Temples the fastest method of income.

But now, the price of guardians has been put back to normal, and the value of witches has been increased. As a result, all three income methods are fairly similar in income value. The choice of which income option to use now would mostly be a matter of personal style rather than income yield, except where mob drops are evaluated as well.

Estimated income for killing a particular mob
Monster Income per Mob kill
Ender Dragon £ 10,000
Wither £ 400-500
Witch £ 100-500
Guardian £ 30-50
Ghast £ 30-40
Zombie Pigmen £ 10-20
Enderman £ 3-5
Creeper £ 6-13
Skeleton £ 5-9
Zombie £ 5-9
Spider £ 5-9
Endermite £ 1-2
Rabbit £ 1-2
Wolf £ 1-2
Cow, Pig, Chicken, Sheep £ 0
Squid £ 0

There are also some monsters that will penalize you if killed...

Estimated Loss for killing a particular mob
Monster Money lost per mob kill
Iron Golem £ 10
Villager £ 500

Voting Edit

Elysium members can earn £300 every time a player votes for the server. While this does not allow for much total revenue, it is an easy method for new or struggling players to make some quick cash. (

In 2016 (exact date unknown), additional benefits were added to the voting functionality where players have the chance of receiving additional items (e.g. a playerhead, or a horse-spawn egg), experience for your pet, or extra money. At the end of July 2016, this was stopped after the EULA was revised to prevent servers from rewarding individual players for voting.

Trading Edit

On occasions, other players may be willing to offer monetary payments for items and/or services. Both players should form an agreement on the amount of goods/services on offer, and the exact price which is to be paid.

Players also have the option to create chest shops, where items can be bought/sold at any time, even when the owner is offline. A vital aspect to consider when creating chest shops is the amount of publicity. If a chest shop is not known about by other players, they are unlikely to make many sales, despite the prices or items on offer.

If you do create a chest shop, you should never stock it with more items than you are willing to sell, because there is nothing to stop any player from buying out your entire stock. Some player-made chest shops also provide their customers the option to sell items as well. A basic list of shops in Elysium may be found here: .


  • The highest possible monetary balance possible in Elysium is: The value of the Rivian Walls. (Disclaimer: this is an inside joke)