NPC List

Upcoming possible NPC's (not yet confirmed):

This page describes aspects which no longer exist in Elysium. The page remains here as a documentation of Elysium's history.

Elysium had NPC's in the town of Dunta. These NPCs were removed for technical reasons in August.

Their names were: Grille, Annie, Joepe, and Kiskae

Grille, Annie, Joepe managed small stores in the village of Dunta, where players could buy basic items for a price.


Grille sells some items. (Please add details)


Annie sells food items including bread and apples. Annie has been the victim of a role-play murder event by being drowned in lava at the request of Sarah, for both stealing her job as a baker in Dunta (in character) aswell as supplying under-priced apples (out of character).


Joepe sells some items. (Please add details)


Kiskae dose not sell items. 


  • When the NPC's were originally added to Elysium, it was possible to move them around using a specific spell. Using this, a player was able to move the NPC's to various locations even including the End.