Elysium uses the Towny plug-in to formalize it's nations.

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Nation Prices:Edit

Cost to start a new Nation: $15,000 (plus cost of the town which is a pre-requisit for making a nation)

Upkeep costs: $100 p/day (every 24hours). This is a flat rate which does not change.

Nation CommandsEdit

The following commands can be used by any nation member:

Command Functionality
/n list View the current list of nations in Elysium
/n online View the list of nation members who are currently online
/nc <words> Talk in Nation Chat.
/n deposit Donate money to the nation bank (caution: you cannot get this money back)
/n View details about the nation you are currently in.

These commands may only be used by town mayors:

Command Functionality
/n new <name> Create a new nation (costs $15,000)
/n leave Leave the current nation.

Only Nation-Emporors and Nation-Assistants have access to these following commands:

Command Functionality
/n set title <username> <title> Give a nation resident a title for use in towny chats.
/n set surname <username> <surname> Give a nation resident a surname for use in towny chats.
/n add <town> Invites the nown to join the nation
/n ally add <nation> Adds a nation to the ally list.
/n withdraw Take money out of the nation's bank.
/n set name <newName> Change the name of the nation
/n set taxes <price> Set the daily tax applied to each town of the nation.
/n set king <username> Transfer the ownership of the nation.
/n rank add <username> assistant Give assistant rank to a nation member.

Current NationsEdit

Aria currently has 22 nations as of January 1st 2017. (Listed greatest (top) to least (bottom for population)

Aria Nations
Nation Name Leader Name Number of Towns Population
Steel Legion MasterWyatt569 12 256
Celest Holiest 13 253
Dracore Dragio777 8 151
Brightwind HumorlessButton 3 145
Aodhamair OperationAFK 10 106
Iron_Legion Ham2146 3 97
Glaewin MrsElfie 6 91
Nydorii_Drysh Eevuii 6 66
Cantwaraburgh Rust_In_Pieces 1 64
Voima_Harmonia Blumoose 11 61
Inune ChickMeow 1 32
Eloinia SmolPeridot 2 26
Eien_no_Sedai Joshuakyle143 2 24
Bleakbourne SacredSwordGirl 3 18
Hikari Pandashoutgun 2 15
Emprise_Du_Lion BlindElf 1 15
Ahmerrad_Republic ContinuumArc 2 14
Midnight_Sun Brisweets13 2 12
Belmont Eledrania 2 12
Harvosia Mellonlord33 1 4
Bordell Eendraqn 2 3
Galactic_Fall GalaxyGaming_YT 1 2

Due to the release of Fei, here is a separate listing for the nations of Fei.

Currently Fei has 8 total nations, with 1 sharing their name/culture with a nation in Aria. This list is updated as of January 1st, 2017.

Fei Nations
Nation Name Leader Name Number of Towns Population
Saramore Clumsy_World 11 342
Dracore Dragio777 3 57
Dominium_Sancti Joshuakyle143 3 50
Roak Yorshanthalas 2 25
Zupholl Holiest 2 18
Eltador FubukiGames 1 8
Sanctus Dade_Santa 1 2
Aufero InKryption 1 1

Old NationsEdit

  • (Old) Emprise du Lion (had 9 towns, Emperor: Fablehero316)
  • The_Imperial_Empire (had 1 town, Duke: countsia)
  • Slantin Empire (had 5 towns, King: Chicardia)
  • Corvinus (had 1 town, Duke: Gram)
  • (Old) Eien no Sedai (had 7 towns, Emperor: Joshuakyle143)
  • Rendother (had 4 towns, King: Mellonlord33)
  • The Empire (had 1 town, Leader: Unknown)
  • Pacem Union (had 3 towns, Emperor: Kingdom2013)
  • Dominion (had 6 towns, King: Dewlox)
  • Stalia (had 3 towns, King: Pandacutie23)
  • Resdayn (had 1 town, King: Deletetheworld)
  • Abrye (had 5 towns, King: Nightcore_Boy98)
  • Skyrim (had 2 towns, King: Chaost)

General History of Nations Edit

Emprise du Lion was disbanded by Fablehero on 22nd March 2015 when he quit Elysium. The Order_Of_Harmony was established in its place (by DarkE and HashBr0wnie, along with the assistance/support of Mellonlord and joshuakyle143), as an attempt to re-unite the lost towns which had lost their leader.

The Slantin_Empire fell into ruin on 7th April 2015, due to lack of nation funds.

Rendother fell into ruin mid June due to lack of nation Funds. (Regalia considered Successor)

Eien no Sedai fell into ruin mid September due to lack of funds and inactivity. (Xoproinia considered Successor)

The Empire formed from the Order of Harmony (Voima Harmonia), within less than two weeks it rejoined the nation once more.

In the 1.11 update Fei was created, making way for a clean slate for nation creation in that world.

(Please add more details of nation history if you know anything)

Nation FunctionalityEdit

All towns within the nation can talk to each other using the nation chat "/nc"

A town mayor can create a new nation for a price  by typing:  "/n new <nationname> "

Other towns can be added to the nation using "/n add <town>"