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Please do not put next to or assosiated with a nation "Best nation!" or "Join this nation!" or boost your nation or any other nation, etc with advertisments, boosting any nations above others, the only edits I will appreciate and hope for on this post is to either, remove nations that actually fall (Like run out of falling and say "<Insert nation> has fell into ruins!>" Or add your own nation in the format I entered the others in. Do not change any nations name to like "gay nation" or "stupid" or anything, and keep any edits made unbiased. If there is a new nation that I miss form feel free to ask me to add it to the region, or add it yourself. I made this completely unbiased and as I said, keep politics or advertisements out, this is just for nation lists not an ego contest.

Aria Nations.(Ranked in amount of members)Edit

  • Brightwind - Led by God Emperor HumorlessButton, biggest nation in Aria with 256 members.
  • Kaz_Sororork - Led by God Emperor Durom_ , Second biggest nation with 94 Members.
  • [Thaya] Inune - Led by God Emperor wild_horse_gamer with 74 members.
  • Elemental_Knights - Led by Emperor Xencor with 58 members.
  • [Ordo] Dracore - led by Count RK20002 with 18 members
  • Voima_Harmonia - Led by Count Blumoose with 15 members 
  • [Onyx] Celest - Led by Count Holiest with 11 members.
  • Midnight_Sun - Led by Leader Babyluigi333 with 9 members.
  • [Iris]Germania - Led by Leader delilah2002 with 3 members.
  • Paxurbia - Led by Leader Mellonlord333 with 2 members.

Fei Nations (Ranked in members)Edit

  • Parsifal, biggest nation in Fei - Led by God Emperor Devotedly with 291 members.
  • Ardevania - Led by God Emperor Holiest with 89 Members
  • Gentem_Republic - Led by God Emperor Sirroh with 76 members.
  • Katharose - Led by Emperor SmolPeridot with 57 people.
  • Tirwyth - Led by Emperor Zucchini_Warrior with 48 people.
  • Onycha - led by Duke golum4471 with 28 people 
  • Blackcloak_Society - led by Count reedmen321 with 18 members.
  • Varimon - led by Count Durom_ with 17 members.
  • [Thaya]Steel_Legion - led by Count Sorceress_Haven with 10 members.
  • Ashmir - led by Leader _Ignorance_ with 6 members.
  • Sanctus - led by Leader MrBadmin with 1 member.
  • [OFR]Kretoa - led by Forfend with 1 member.
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