Nekos (singular: Neko) are one of the default races in Elysium you can select when you join Elysium by clicking the red block at Dunta. Nekos are swift, physically powerful beings, with both a humanoid and animal form. All Nekos' animal forms resemble feline species.

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Lion Neko

Nekos are humanoids that are capable of changing into the form of a cat of any species, ranging from lions and leopards to ocelots and domestic cats. A Neko's abilities come from physical strength and speed. They are comparatively weak at magic and are known to have difficulty learning it.


Unlike Werewolves, Nekos were not a result of the distorting influence of the Darkness in Elysium. A Neko's ability to change into animal form is natural and innate. Emerging in desert areas of Elysium, they are known to be good at trading and stealth and are excellent physical fighters and spies.

All Neko are hunted by Orcs for their pelts and meat, although many towns have a safe-zone where no Neko may be attacked under pain of death around their outskirts so that Neko can gather and trade safely. One such safe-zone was the Neko camp of Sunny Glades outside Turu, which, following a lengthy power struggle, was nevertheless taken over by an Orc Mafia. While the Orc there cannot attack the Neko openly, they made themselves the controllers of the camp, turning it into a slum where Orc and Neko live there in an uneasy peace together.

Many Neko have made a name for themselves in diplomatic situations, as they can be wild and violent. They are capable of schooling their movements and actions to a high level of discipline, and exhibit strong intelligence and shrewdness, making them excellent spies and assassins.



Nekos in humanoid form often retain cat features such as tail and ears.

Neko have both a humanoid and animal form. While in humanoid form, they often keep certain aspects of their animalistic features, such as ears, nose and tail. Different sub-races of the Neko order have varying abilities depending upon which animal they are able to change into. A domestic cat may be extremely useful as a spy, whereas a Neko that is capable of becoming a lion will be a powerful front-line soldier. All kinds of Neko are able to leap long distances with ease (/c leap). Sub-races of Neko have been found that can change into other species of animal, such as the Kitsune and Fuchsbau both of which are capable of changing into fox forms.

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