Sample of Elysium pets (Featuring Eevuii, AngelAdventure and HashBr0wnie)

Elysium has pets!

Obtaining a PetEdit

Players may buy a MyPet from the pet shop in Spawn. The available options are: bat, wolf, cat, and chicken. Each of these pets cost £10,000 to purchase, but have no further costs once obtained.

Other varieties fo MyPet options can be obtained via the Donation Store, albeit the perks are the exact same and the only differences will be purely aesthetic.

Warning: If you already have a pet, and choose to change pets, you will lose all the levels held by your current pet. Do this at your own risk. Staff will not fix any levels or items lost by purchasing a new pet.

Pet CommandsEdit

A sample list of pet commands can be viewed in-game by typing: /mypet

Command Functions
/mypet view list of commands
/petc Call your pet to your side
/petname <name> Choose a name for you pet.
/pi Open your pet's inventory
/psa Send your pet away (can be called back later)
/petinfo See your pet's information: xp, hp, etc.

Benefits of Having a PetEdit

Other than being a cute and adorable companion to keep you company in your journeys, pets can also provide you with helpful in-game assistance. Your pet companion will help assist you in combat by attacking enemies with you. As your pet levels up, you will find that your pet grows stronger and more powerful. If you keep training your pet, it might even learn new skills and can shoot wither skulls at your enemies for you!

When your pet has a few levels, it will also be able to carry items for you (use: /peti). The maximum amount of items a pet can carry is equal in size to a double chest of items.

To train a pet's levels, a player needs to summon the pet (use: /petc) and kill monsters together. The pet gains more experience if it deals the final blow.

Pet UpgradesEdit

Pet Level Required Skill
1 Pet assists the player in battle (strength increases with each level)
2 Pet inventory: enabled (size of a single chest)
5 Pet becomes rideable (Use a piece of string)
12 Pet inventory: increases to the size of a double chest
15 Pet behaviour: friendly mode enabled
17 Pet range attack: enabled (appearance of a snowball)
25 Pet behaviour Duel mode enabled
28 Pet range attack: increases to throw fireballs
33 Pet sprint enabled
35 Pet behaviour: aggressive mode enabled
47 Pet range attack: increases to throw Wither Skulls
53 Pet Thorns enabled (pet can reflect damage)
59 Pet chance to slow or poison enemies enabled
60 Maximum pet level


  • If a player owns a pet cat, they can change the colour of its fur by using black, light grey or orange ink on their cat.
  • To change the colour of a pet's name, use the format of: /petname <black> Mr <green> Fluffy

Other Pets (MCMMO Pets)Edit

Additional (but only temporary) McMMO pets can be summoned using the taming skill. The summonable pet choices are: cat (summon using 10 fish), wolf (summon using 10 bones), and horse (summon using 10 apples). Pets which are summoned in this manner using the taming skill will not respawn and also have a time limit for their life span. They are not part of the /mypet feature, and won't be able to level up or have special powers.