Race Selection

When a new player joins Elysium, they must choose a race for their character. This race forms the basis of their role-play character, and also grants the player with spells to use through the Minecraft world.

To change your race, head to '/races' to enter character creation.

Base RacesEdit

All races have the following spells: bind, unbind, forget, help, lightwalk, list and prayer. To cast these spells, players must use the /c <spellname> command in-game. By picking a race, that choice grants you additional spells, unique to the race that you have chose.

As well as spells, certain races offer passive abilities (skills which are 'on' always) or transformations (/dis <transformation>).

Below is a table of base races that are used in Elysium:

Please note: in order to use the 'anvil' spell, the player must have at least one anvil in their inventory. After spell usage, the anvil will be lost.

Race Description and Lore Additional Spells Passive Abilities Transformations
Human "Humans are intelligent beings and have the ability to adapt to their surroundings. They are not, however, born with any natural magical abilities. Instead, they rely on their social influence and political systems." Disarm, empower, farm, spellhaste XP Gainer (Gets more XP when killing mobs) Villager
Mage "A Mage is specifically a Human, but with magical abilities. They came to be when Humans accessed the power of Elysium's first inhabitants; the Dragons. Most Mages specialise in one field of magic, built around one of the four elements." Blizzard, fire, combust, conjure, enderchest, food, heal, phase, water, waterwalk n/a Chicken, Ocelot
Dwarf "Dwarves are adept blacksmiths and weapon-smiths, which gives them significant advantages in mining and construction. When the Darkness attacked Elysium, Dwarves fought fiercely to defend it, but eventually had to hide underground for their safety. Dwarves mint the currency of Elysium, the Pound, and are therefore primarily responsible for the economy." Bash, groundspikes, anvil, build, dowse, farm, repair, stonevision, wall n/a n/a
Vampire "Telo Darkmoon was the first Vampire and, along with his followers, he spread out over Elysium, feeding on other races. Vampires drink the blood of their victims, attempting to change them into one of their own kind. Exposure to the sun is harmful to most Vampires, but silver can be deadly." Choke, thunder, blink, disarm, drainlife, mark, recall, shadowstep n/a Bat
Wood Elf "After the War, Ancient Elves fled to the forests where they started a new life as pure and modest beings, now known as Wood Elves. Preferring to live in forests, Wood Elves surround themselves with nature. They are skilled in farming, healing and using their bow." Swift, cleanse, empower, farm, heal, lilywalk, volley n/a n/a
Dark Elf "After the War, some Elves decided not to oppose the dark powers, but instead to utilise them. Dark Elves are known for their aggression and, by nature, can be very cruel. They have the ability to inflict blindness and poison enemies." Ghast, snowball, suppression, combust, confusion, drainlife, entomb, freeze, frostwalk, minion, poison n/a Skeleton
Werewolf "A Werewolf is able to change between wolf and human form at will, but it can be forced when a full moon is in the sky. They are powerful fighters and are capable of wielding weapons in both forms. Like Vampires, Werewolves have a hunger for blood, but they can also be deadly killers." Jump, roots, slash, cripple, food, haste, leap, roar n/a Wolf
Neko "Nekos are humanoids that are capable of changing into the form of any species of cat. Unlike Werewolves, a Nekos ability to change into animal form is natural and innate. They make for excellent physical fighters and are known to be good at trading and stealth." Swift, wind_cover, disarm, leap, mark, haste, recall, shadowstep, stealth, switch n/a Ocelot
Kuma "Kuma have the ability to morph between their humanoid and bear form at will. They mostly dwell in the forests, but have also been known to take homes in more mountainous regions. Although Kuma live secluded lives, they're known to be very aggressive and good at combat, having enough strength to rival an orc." Dash, claw, disarm, haste, roar, cripple n/a Polar Bear
Merfolk "Merfolk usually live in the depths of the sea, on the various islands or the beaches of mainland. They were first spotted by pirates at sea on the Moonlit Cay, a large grouping of small islands and coves. They have the ability to see, breathe and live fully underwater. Some are even able to adapt to magical powers, related to water and elemental magic." Gills, slip, waterslash, waterwalk, waterball, drainlife n/a n/a
Undead "Undead are beings who have been reanimated after death, as opposed to having been changed whilst alive. Some Undead are only seen during the night, typically attacking small isolated areas due to mostly being rather weak. Others can think for themselves, make decisions or even have the same abilities as living beings, though limited." Choke, cleanse, ghast, vacuum, drainlife, haze, frozenskin, pair, shadowstep n/a Zombie
Orc "When the Darkness emerged, a dozen Elves were kidnapped and locked away in a deep dungeon. This turned them into beasts, now known as Orcs. They are physically violent, with a natural aptitude for combat. Although they are extremely good at using weapons, they struggle to use even the most basic of magic." Bash, anvil, cripple, pain, roar n/a

Custom Races Edit

Donators have the additional option to select a custom race title, which is simply a visual override of the race-name. Custom race names do not provide any additional spells on top of your base race (additional spells must be purchased through the donation store ).

To have the custom race name implemented, the member should contact an administrator with their preferred race-name, after spending at least 5.00 GBP in the donation shop .

Fortunately for our free-to-play community, the player does not have to donate in order to role-play their desired race, they only have to do so if they wish to have the race title appear next to their name.

There is also a section of the forums which can be used to substantiate a player's chosen race. Here we will start forming a list of community-created races:

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