This page is about the rare mobs that occasionaly spawn in Elysium.

Monster Name Appearance Noteworthy Drops Other Information
Hyper Bunny Bunny Rabbit Unknown Very Rare
Hill Giant Giant Zombie Unknown Massive HP. Takes a long time to kill,

and drops are often poor.

Skeleton King Wither Skeleton

with helm and sword

Skeleton King's Crown

Greatsword of the Skeleton King

Has strong knockback and wither effect.

Also spawns skeleton minions with give $2-3 per kill.

Wither Wither Nether Star A wild wither may spawn by itself on the rare occasion
Necromancer Witch Unknown Higher HP than a normal which, but still fairly easy enough to kill and causes poison.
Endermite Mother Endermite (purple) Unknown Fast and strangely large damage for an endermite.
Feral Wolf Wolf Unknown Cannot be tamed
Husk Zombie Villager Unknown Very fast moving.

Can be cured to make a friendly villager.

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