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They were unaware of what stalked them

Until the Raven Men became Ravenous


The Ravenous or Raven men are a cult, hell-bent on terrorizing the people of Elysium, their motives are to spread fear and paranoia through Elysium, while at the same time gaining power in Elysium's social structure, and imposing their own rule of tyrannical fear.

Their cult killings include burning people at the stake, stabbings, and ritual sacrifice. The Raven men worship Valrok Sanguin, a demonic god who they believe can bring the End Of Days.

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They have a strength in the dark arts, including necromancy and shadow magic. They fear the holy magic, yet some are endowed with the gift to endure it.

The Raven men appear to be humanoid in appearance, but their faces have never been seen. The structure of the Cult is arranged much like simple society, there is a commander, called an Overseer, and melee soldiers known simply as Ravens. But they're "King" is called the Raven King, who oversees all runnings and dealings of the Cult.

The Raven men are unfeeling, perhaps brainwashed on entering the cult, as to never reveal it's secrets.

The Raven Men's Armour consists of plate armor of a dark metal component, as well as fabric and leather, their armament consists of the bill, a polearm weapon, and the weaponized Billhook, which resembles a short sword.

The Raven men sometimes in ritual take mushrooms that they grow in caves to give them a high. It is unknown why they do this.

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