Rivia is a large town, founded by God Emperor Fablerhero316, situated at the approximate co-ordiantes of: XYZ: -10,000 / 64 / 13,400.

  • Entrance to Rivia
  • Map of Rivia
  • A building in Rivia
  • Clock tower in Rivia


One of the most famouse features of Rivia is its large walls, which surrond most of the city, including additional large walls stretching through the middle of Rivia. The creation and development of these walls have caused some contriversy.

The Northern section of Rivia is dedicated as a market district, which contains a few chest shops from which items may be purchased. The southern district is for residentual buildings. At the West end of Rivia, is an additional district for castles and royalty.


The original 1.7 location of New Rivia was scouted out and claimed by The Huntress who allowed Fablehero316 to build his town on this location. Helpers came and flattened the area, then replace the stone to grass. The whole process took approximately 2 weeks as the diggers didn't have adequate tools such as World Edit nor had tools like the ability to teleport to the location frequently. The effects of the dig had some workers rage quit and other workers throw up due to motion sickness. All the while with Fablehero316 constructing and erecting building. Afterwards, the rest of Rivia moved in as well as new players due to the update happening. The castle, single handedly, was built by Fablehero316 . Most of the materials were contracted by towns such as Morrowind, or was provided with the flattening of the land. The breeding of animals were outlawed inside town walls due to concern of lag issues.

Fablehero316 later stepped down from his position when he left Elysium.


  • Fablehero316 (Founder)
  • ADDISON715 (helper)
  • xAaronRodgers4 (helper)
  • Kaeros (helper)
  • Jayb1ird (helper)
  • H_C_D
  • MORGAN715
  • RedDeathWar
  • shadowguy425
  • lightosphere
  • jayrockbird
  • acruinsma
  • nate123342
  • survivormanbob
  • Eabhlin01
  • NatsumiBlue
  • f_irebolt
  • MRcaptinMUFFIN
  • Zfamily4
  • mogoth247
  • pugtanic12
  • KillerKing4790
  • FrotyLynx
  • GreysEcho
  • Firefly14
  • AjTobar5
  • Foxdog 604
  • yuomr
  • The_Huntess
  • and more...


  • The new wall was built in 2 days due to the hard work of the town owner
  • Originally, there was graffiti outside the wall built by the workers complaining about the work conditions of the dig
  • The dig is also refered to the Great Dig of 2k14
  • Exit2008 was the original forman hired to be in charge of designing and building the first walls of rivia. He was never payed.