All rolls are broadcasted for 15 blocks (half of '/l' local chat radius)

'/roll' - This will return a number between 1 and 20.

'/roll <max>' - This will return a number between 1 and <max>.

'/roll <min> <max>' - This will return a number between <min> and <max>.

How to use it Edit

The dice rolling plugin is mainly to be used in the following situations:

  • During a single (non-deciding) action in a role-play fight, all players involved agree that they should roll to see if a certain attack hits
    1. Attacker: *Conjures and shoots a fireball in the direction of Defender*
    2. Both Attacker and Defender agree in '/ooc' that they want to roll to see if it hits, so they both type '/roll'.
    3. The Defender gets 13, but Attacker gets 18.
    4. Defender: *Attempts to step to the side but is caught by the fireball, leaving a harsh burn across the back of their hand*
  • Three players can't decide who should be first to enter the cave, so they all use '/roll' to decide on the standing order
  • Dice rolling itself can be an actual game for your characters to play (Please do not spam in public role-play areas though!)
  • If a group wishes to have a D&D-like adventure, this would be perfect. Please make sure everyone in the group understands your rules though, and do not expect or enforce your rules on others.
  • Players can change their mind about rolling if they feel that the result has a lot more consequence than they previously thought.

How not to use it Edit

Before rolling, all players must be in agreement of what they are rolling for! You cannot force someone to roll if they would prefer to come to a conclusion another way. Here are some bad uses of the plugin:

  • You cannot use dice rolling as an excuse to force OP actions onto others, like so: Attacker: *Tries to kill Defender with one punch*
  • You may not spam dice rolls, or use it excessively in public places such as Dunta or Turu.
  • Dice rolling should not replace any actual role-play, and people may choose to completely ignore it and continue as normal :)