Elysium has a list of various rules, to assist with ensuring a positive roleplay community amongst the server. You can view the current list of rules by typing: /rules <1/2>.  Below is an outline of Elysium's rules.

General Rules

[1] ERP (sexual roleplay) is simply not allowed on Elysium.

This includes offline means. Do not make us ban you for this.

[2] Griefing and Raiding are not permitted in Elysium, whether a build area appears protected or not.

If you are unsure of whether a place is in use or not, use /helpop and get a member of Staff to check.

[3] No offensive language or the use of all-caps in Global or Discussion chats.

[4] Global is used for trading, town/nation recruitment and preparing roleplays. Please avoid using Global otherwise.

[5] Keep your nickname RP-relevant and appropriate for others.

[6] Elysium is an RP server, so try not to disrupt other people's RP, either with /ooc chat, spam or spells.

[7] If asked to leave someone's town/property you must leave the area. 

[8] Respect the area around other people's settlements, do not build too close to another person’s build without permission.

[9] All mob-grinders must use spawners, anything used to farm money is illegal.

[10] Do not use any automated means to stop yourself from being set as AFK

[11] Macros and minimaps may be used, no other cheating mods permitted.

[12] We want Elysium to be a fun place for everyone, respect other players and be considerate.

[13] Do not abuse /helpop or it will be considered spamming admins

[14] Advertising servers on Elysium will result in a permanent ban.

[15] Please do not build floating block buildings, especially around Spawn. Unfinished and abandoned builds may be deleted.

[16] Do not use spells to annoy or damage other players in Public Roleplay Locations, such as spawn and Turu

[17] Lag Machines and Redstone clocks are automatically disabled. Please use Redstone responsibly.

[18] Do not misuse the MorePlayerModels mod in RP areas. Staff have the right to tell you to change it.

Roleplay Rules

In Public Roleplay areas, the following RP rules also apply in addition to the server rules.

[1] Respect other people's roleplay. Do not disrupt other people with spells, spam, etc.

[2] Your character must fit medieval Elysium. Fandom characters, modern skins, inappropriate MPM models and nicknames are not permitted in the RP areas.

[3] Metagaming is not permitted.

[4] Powergaming is also not permitted.

[5] Godmodding is not permitted.

[6] To kill another player's character, you must be given death permission/consent to do so.

[7] Voiding a roleplay without attempting to discuss your problems is not recommended.

[8] Custom-races cannot be locked by players.

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