Saramore is a large nation based within the world of Fei, and currently within the Iris alliance. The leader of the nation if Clumsy_World. The IRP leader is Ophelia Stathos, who took the throne after her supposed father's death, Aubin Palus.

The old leader was octoroyal. Of course, he played Aubin Palus

Saramore's leaders.Edit

Saramore's leaders consist of the following players, and even some who aren't listed may be considered leaders aswell.

Clumsy_world (Owner)  Assistants :  octoroyal, Treepuncher2014,  Azoura, pipquake, MoistHammer, AquaAddict, NightFuury001

Obviously, we'd consider town owners leaders, how ever they're very subject to change and so forth.

Saramore's currently the leading nation in terms of population! * 6/29/2016 Updated * 

Joining SaramoreEdit

You don't necessarily join Saramore, due to it being a nation - But we have plenty of towns to offer, if you wish to join them.

However! - If you have a town interested in joining, contact Clumsy_World in order to work something out. If not online, and one of the leaders above are on the server, contact them instead.

Basic Information Edit

Basic Info
Leader :  Clumsy_World
Town Count : 


Population : Extremely high.
World :  Fei
Relationships: None
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