This page is to document the places where Elysium RP server has been listed.

Place Link Notes
Planet Minecraft Most up-to-date information, even containing the 1.8 trailer and pictures.
Minecraft Forum Some outdated information, (oldserver version), but correct IP.
World of Minecraft Highly outdated information, with old IP.
Minecraft Contains most current information & statistic. But description is outdated.
Minecraft Server List Contains current information.
Minecraft Servers ip Slightly outdated info (based on 1.7)
Mine Servers Basic information. Some outdated (refers to 1.6 plugins). Contains player history stats
3minecraft links to 1.7 youtube video, but the page has issues feeding the information through

Places where Elysium is NOT listed/found yet...

Place Link Notes
Minecraft Multiplayer server list Elysium is not listed
MCIndex Elysium RP is not listed
Your minecraft servers Elysium is not listed