Elysium is an online MineCraft Server, which uses a variety of plugins on top of its vanilla base.

The server IP is:

The server may be accessed using any vanilla version of 1.8 MineCraft.

The server's current maximum capacity is 200 players online.

This capacity used to be only 70 players, and the 70-player limit was reached for the first time in Elysium's history during July 2015.

70-70 players online

The first time Elysium reached 70 players online.

The server is prone to suffering from occasional lag spikes, and technical issues. In order to mitigate lag, several adjustments have been implemented on the server to reduce lag: The server is automatically restarted every 2 hours to refresh data and save the world; mob spawners cannot produce more than 4 mobs at a time; and the Elysium map has a world border to prevent players from loading too many chunks in the world.