This page is no longer applicable to Elysium. Reason: Players can no longer create chest shops.

Items may be bought/sold at the Dwarven Exchange.

New shop plugin

Example image of a ready-to-use shop

This page was about how to use the shop plugin on Elysium (as of 1.11)

Using Shops Edit

Any player is permitted to buy/sell items on Elysium, assuming that there is both sufficient stock in the chest, as well as the player possessing enough money to purchase the item.

Unlike chest shop, Elysium's old shop plugin, in order to buy/sell you must go to the correct chest. One chest cannot be both buy and sell; it can only be buy or sell.

Creating a Shop Edit

In order to create a shop using this plugin, you must have the following items: a chest, a sign and the item(s) to be sold.

Like chest shop, the shop is created by attaching the sign directly onto the chest that is holding the items you wish you sell. This sign must be placed directly on the front of the chest to work.

In order to sell, you must set up the sign like so:

  1. [shop]
  2. <number>
  3. <price>
  4. [leave this line blank if selling, or type "buying" for a buy-shop]

Unlike chest shop, you do not need the item ID. If you have set up the sign correctly, the words on the sign will turn red and you will be prompted to hit the sign with the item you wish for this chest to sell. Once you have hit it with the item, the words will turn green and a floating image of the item will appear over the chest. You can right click the chest to toggle the rotation of displayed items.

In order to make a chest to buy items instead, change the last line of the sign to say "buying".

Before After

An example of how to set up the sign in the correct way.

2 is the number of items that you wish to sell each time. 50 is the price. Sell is telling the shop plugin that is chest/sign is for selling.

An example of what a completed sign looks like.

The sign will auto-fill your IGN, as well as fix up the layout of the sign.

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