Sammo & Head Admins

Sammo346 and the Head Admins

The primary focus of the Elysium Staff team is to ensure that Elysium members can continue to play and enjoy the server, without the game being spoiled by rule-breakers. In order to acheive this, staff are granted additional powers to help deal with any disruptive behaviour on the server.

Elysium's staff team consists 100% of hand-picked volunteers from the existing Elysium community.

Identifying StaffEdit

Elysium Staff in-game can be identified when holding tab by the colour of their race title: administrators are labelled in red, while moderators are labelled in pink. All server staff can assist with general queries about the server and reports of rule-breaking.

Forum Staff are listed on the front page of the Elysium website. Forum staff are not in-game staff. Please only contact a forum staff member if your query is relating to the forums.

Contacting StaffEdit


Players are asked to use /helpop when attempting to contact staff. Messages sent to /helpop remain private. They are only viewable by the active staff who are online at the time of contact. 

In most cases, a staff representative will respond via message or teleport to your location. In some cases, your /helpop query may be missed by accident, or no available staff were online at the time of contact. If you do not receive a response, please use /helpop again in approximately 30 minutes.

Via Skype:Edit

If you are unable to log into Elysium, consider contacting a staff member via Skype. Their contact details are listed in the table below. Consider also checking the staff member's time-zone for increased chances of finding a response at the right time of day. When sending offline messages to staff, please consider adding full details of any reports, such as including the coordinates.


If you don't have access to Skype, then some staff may be contacted over the forums.

To discuss ban appeals, players are encouraged to place a formal appeal on the forums here. A forum moderator will then on-forward the appeal to a server-administrator for perusal.

List of Current Staff Edit

Member Position Primary Focus Time Zone Skype Contact
Sammo346  Owner Owner of Elysium GMT (UTC/GMT +0) Sammo346
HashBr0wnie  Head Admin Wiki, Economics and Off-peak Assistance AEST (UTC/GMT +11) HashBr0wnie
Bobrechaun Admin Justice and Resident Fangirl EST (UTC/GMT -5) Bobrechaun
rikkert00 Admin General Assistance CET (UTC/GMT+1) rikkert00
misstify Admin Roleplay Moderation EST (UTC/GMT -5) misstifycool13
BlindElf Admin Head of Event Team CET (UTC/GMT +1) kate.kinkead2
Continuum_Arc Moderator Roleplay moderation EST (UTC/GMT -5) Shadow_Arc_
FubukiGames Moderator Roleplay Moderation CET (UTC/GMT +1) (not disclosed)
_AyAFKGoof_ Moderator Roleplay Moderation AEST (UTC/GMT +10) live:mkoli3
The_Dean97 Moderator Roleplay Moderation CET (UTC/GMT +1) (not disclosed)
Munzie Moderator Roleplay Moderation AEST (UTC/GMT +10 (not disclosed)
csamantha2001 Moderator Roleplay Moderation EST (UTC/GMT -5) (not disclosed)

Retired StaffEdit

CorruptShadows (Co-owner)

Blue Werewolf (Admin)

AmrothKnight (Moderator)

Saltymikes (Unknown Position)

Sanghelil_Elite (Unknown Position)

Dr_Gemz (Moderator)

BlackBushi (Admin)

Prophet2213 (Head Admin)

zammi_ (Head Admin)

Trigungirl742 (Moderator)

james_youngblood (Moderator)

Master_Rob_Star (Moderator)

DarkE (Head Admin)

BanjoAndKazuii (Admin)

MrsWolfie (Moderator)

CalFromStateFarm (Moderator)

Forum StaffEdit

With the increased use of the forums, Elysium now also has its own dedicated forum staff team (albeit only a very small team for the time being).

Forum staff, if not listed as part of the server staff, only have moderator powers on the forums. They do not have any additional powers in-game. Please do not message these Forum Staff anything to do with server-related issues, such as bans and griefs. All they will be able to do is pass it onto a server staff member.

Forum Name IGN Forum Role
Sam Sammo346 Owner
Sarah HashBr0wnie Administrator
Constantine BlindElf Administrator
Anita aruktai Administrator
Volke rikert00 Administrator
misstify misstify Administrator
ContinuumArc ContinuumArc Global Moderator
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