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Pronunciation Edit

Stal - e - en(s) Edit

Origins Edit

Their origins are nearly unknown, except that these beings were intelligent and wise in their wondrous time, thousands of years ago. The Stalian had supposed archives in their name, and a nation full with their ranks, Stalian Point, capitalized with their main city of great power that held it's fortifications with the aid of many high-risen, spiked mountains. Previously hunters of dragons, a Stalian would possibly know many ways of combat early in life. They are thought to be extinct, but a small family is known by few to still be alive.. perhaps there are more?

Powers Edit

 It is evident with their abilities that when they are around large deposits of rare minerals, their sparks can multiply faster. In this case, a Stalian has the ability (completely limited) to use sparks, and sparks only. This is not a weakness, though. Stalian sparks are not of mana born, hence why Stalians cannot use magic, but instead a part of the being themselves. This rules anti magic off their weaknesses. An averagely trained Stalian could produce around twenty fast-spreading sparks at a time, and with natural aging these will get hotter. Fully trained, one could produce around sixty of these lovely lights. Sparks can be reformed into various objects such as swords and more, (temporarily).

Weaknesses Edit

Wind and water can be devastating to a Stalian.. these elements are able to tarnish the sparks, leaving a Stalian to their physical combat. If a Stalian has had a lack of nutrients for quite a while, they will be completely unable to summon sparks. Who could control other's if you cannot control yourself?

Interactions Edit

Newly met Stalian's sparks will have an odd reaction of multiplying to their full amount and flying towards each other, clashing in an odd way. This is normal, but would tire out both of the Stalians against their wills.