The information on this page is "player-written". It is not regarded as official lore and hence may not be compliant with the official Elysium events. Regardless, the information on this page describes lore which may be used by one or more players within the Elysium community. You are welcome to incorporate as much or as little of this information as you choose.

Origins Edit

Telemancers are Mages that specialize in art of the mind. They are usually sneaky, sly and are usually associated with thieves because their magics are mostly used to confuse and manipulate people. (This is not a rule of the race)

Spells and Powers Edit

Telemancers usually use their magic to control either an animal or, if practiced often enough, people. (To prevent Power-gaming, you can only attempt to use these spells on other people, but you'll still need their permission to allow you to control their characters. You should typically use something like; "-This spell attempts to make you feel a sudden urge to do {placeholder}-" and allow the person you are attempting to use the spell on, decide whether it works or not, and to the degree it works on)

These sort of spells would only work for simple tasks. They can also use spells to implant or take away memories temporarily. (with the other roleplayer's permission, of course) If, for instance, someone was made to forget something, all they would have to do to remember said thing is see or think something that would trigger that memory.

All of these spells do not come without a price though, as 1-2 Telemancy spells will drain the user of his/her mana/energy, and need lots of practice to master. (Again, this is not a rule, use this race however you feel necessary.)

A Telemancy spell, in the form of mind manipulation - Mind control - at best, will work for thirty seconds to two minutes. (Roleplay time, in which you can decide during the roleplay. And no, you can not use a mind control spell to make someone kill themself, especially without permission). Illusion spells and Telemancy go hand-and-hand.

Seeing a Telemancer is a rare sight, as very few people teach, and practice the art. (This statement does not lock this race, as anyone can use it freely, however they want)

History of Telemancy Edit

Telemancy was first discovered by a boy named Dylan, an apprentice to a mage. From there, he would go on to teach very few, and trusted people of the art. Those people would go on to teach, and so on, making it a rare, but amazing art.

(Anyone on the server is allowed to use this race, however they deem necessary, this is just the history that my friend and I came up with. To help with creating a telemancy using character, but do whatever you would like with this)

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