The Templar were one of the largest factions on Elysium during 1.8; brief information about their history is found here.

Origins Edit

When the Darkness cast his stain upon the races of Elysium, many new creatures emerged. Warped by the Darkness, they were consumed by his devouring evil, and attacked those that were untouched. Werewolves, Vampires and Undead soon swept over the landscape and had to be kept back. Seeing this, the Wood Elves formed together a military force to hold back the assault and keep their settlements safe. Calling themselves the Templars, they were filled with a fervour to protect the innocent and united under a banner of honor amongst warriors. Male and female Elves, as well as Men, joined their ranks and they helped maintain safety for many years.

But as the ages went by, the stain of Ityaak Ortheel faded, and werewolves, vampires and other dark races were no longer exclusively driven by evil. As a result, many viewed the no-compromise attitude of the Templar towards these races as cruel in itself, as they actively sought to kill any of those races they found, without recourse to fair trial.

Participation in the War against the Darkness Edit

By the Seventh Age, the Templar began to lose ground to the other factions of Elysium, namely the Grim Wolves, who chose a more welcoming perspective, measuring a being by its actions not its race. By the Second Darkness War, they had almost disappeared, but those that remained joined in the fight against Ityaak Ortheel and counted themselves among the Champions of Light.

After the War Edit

Occasionally still recruiting, they continue to serve as a mercenary group, earning money by slaying the Undead of Elysium that emerge at night. Dark races do still occasionally find themselves hunted merely for their race.