The information on this page is "player-written". It is not regarded as official lore and hence may not be compliant with the official Elysium events. Regardless, the information on this page describes lore which may be used by one or more players within the Elysium community. You are welcome to incorporate as much or as little of this information as you choose. This lore is the History of the Order itself. It only affects those whom follow the Demon lore as well as the Rebellion in the Prophecy of the King Story Arc. Again, it is not official canon, but it is meant to go in line with the official canon.

The Red Veil more commonly known as the Rebellion finds its origins in a much darker place. Originally founded in the 3rd Age of Elysium, it was created in the depths of Hell to serve the King of Hell Lucios before he met his end to the darkness and gave the Leadership to his son, the prince. After the fall of Malphas to Elijah the order was disbanded and faded into mere legend among demons.