A New Era

After the events of The war against the Hooded Figure and Resurrection of The Founder of the Grim Wolves , Bregnir Reyn , He took up his position in the Grim Wolves after the Retirement of Elijah , Co leader and Strategist of the Grim Wolves . Bregnir has decided the Grim Wolves have sat too Idle for far too long , So Bregnir had started to Restore the Grim Wolves to their former state , and is Recruiting once again. Bregnir is beginning to build a new hall for The Grim Wolves known as Fort Dire Located Deep in the Snowy mountains surrounding the Former town of Samot

The Oath :

After extensive Training many new members of the Guild will have to take the Oath of the Wolves And recite it after The Lead Steward of the Hall , which reads : " Darkness Gathers and now my call is Heard ,It shall not End until my Death . I shall wear no Crowns and Win no Glory . I shall Live and Die at my post . I am the Sword in the Light and the Shield of the Realm . I pledge my life and honor to the Grim Wolves , For this night and all nights to come ".