Elysium utilities the Towny plug-in to formalize its towns.

By default, all land which is claimed by a town can only be modified by members of its town. However, these permissions can be altered by the town mayor.

Additionally, players have the ability to buy claimed town plots of their own from the town mayor. These plots can only be modified by the resident, their selected friends, and the town mayor.

Town Prices:Edit

Cost to start a new town: $30,000

Upkeep costs: $10 per plot, per day (every 24 hours) - Each plot owned by the town increased the cost of the upkeep by $10 daily. This is taken directly from the town's bank.

If a town or nation does not have enough funds in the town bank when upkeep is charged, then the towny will fall into ruins, without refund.

Resident CommandsEdit

These commands can be used by any resident:

Command Usages
/towny View basic towny commands in game
/towny map View a basic map of nearby towny plots and ownership
/t new <name> Start a new town. (costs $30,000)
/towny prices View the current prices for buying a town/nation and upkeep.
/plot View basic plot commands in game
/plot claim Claim/purchase the plot of land you are standing in (if it is for sale)
/plot unclaim Unclaim the plot of land you are standing in (if you own it)
/plot fs <$> Put up for sale the plot of land you are standing in (if you own it)
/plot perm View the permissions and owner of the plot you are standing in
/resident <username> View a player's information: balance, town, friends, etc.
/resident friend add <name> Add a player as a friend. This will allow them to build in your plots.
/t <townName> View information regarding a town: balance, size, etc.
/t spawn <townName> Teleport to a town's spawn (if it is public)
/t here Check which town owns the plot you are standing in
/t outpost <number> Teleport to your town's outposts
/t deposit <$> Donate money to the town bank (caution: you cannot get this money back)

Mayor Commands

Command Funtionality
/t new <name> Create a new town (costs $30,000)
/t set name <newName> Change the name of the town
/t deposit <money> Add money into the town bank
/t withdraw <money> Take money out of the town bank
/t add <player> Invite a player to the town
/t rank add <player> <assistant> Give assistant permission to a resident.
/t claim Claim the current plot of land for the town
/t unclaim Unclaim the current plot of town land.
/t set homeblock Move the town spawn
/t claim outpost Claim a piec of land which is far away from the town spawn
/t set board <message> Update the town message board
/t set tax <price> Set the fee which each resident pays per day to live in the town
/plot fs <price> Alow residents to purchase the chunk of land for themself.
/plot nfs Un-alow residents to purchase the chunk of land for themself.

Claiming Additional Town Plots Edit

A town mayor and/or assistant can expand the town's area by purchasing additional plots. Each plot has a horizontal area of 16x16m, and all space extending from the bottom of bedrock to the top of the sky within that 16x16 square. To calculate the edges of a plot, consider using F3 to show the chunk coordinates. If the new plot to be claimed is adjacent to an existing town plot, it may be purchased for $10 using: /t claim. To claim a plot that is further away, an outpost must be claimed instead for a cost of $500 using: /t claim outpost. The outpost plot has the same upkeep costs as any other normal plot, but has the additional benefit of a town outpost teleport which can be used by any town resident: /t outpost <number>.

If a mayor decides to allow residents to personally claim a plot for them self, the mayor can put the plot up for sale using: /plot fs <price>