The city of Underworld is the capitol of the Bloodmage nation, run by James Youngblood.

History Edit

The city of Underworld was established shortly after the return of Nithral (At the beginning parts of the Worlds Collide story line) and has acted as the base of operations/hiding place for James Youngblood during the story line up till the death of Nithral. After the death of Nithral and the hiatus on the Master story line Underworld acted then as a financial supplier for groups and what remained of the Cult of Nithral.

Currently Underworld privately acts as the residing home for James Youngblood's artificial race the Synths.

Developments: Edit

After the purchase of Denborim from necrostorm, the RP location and physical settlement of Underworld has resided in the former dwarven city.

(WIP) Edit