Following are some useful commands that can be used by anyone...

Command Use
/rules <1/2> View the rules of Elysium
/spawn Teleport to the Spawn Area
/towny A list of available towny commands
/aria Teleport to the Aria region
/fei Teleport to the Fei region
/travel Opens up travel menu
/marry <ign> Marry the player you named
/marry divorce Divorces whoever the player is married to
/marry A list of available marry commands
/warp <place> Teleport to a Warp point. The available places are: Turu, Library, Palace, Himmel and Ruins
/g <words> Talk in global chat (everyone in Elysium)

Note: There is a 30 seconds cooldown between each message to prevent cluttering/spamming global

/d <words>

Talk in the discussion chat (all subscribed members in Elysium)

Note: This is essentially global chat, but the rules apply in this chat and it is moderated. Players can join and leave this chat whenever

/leave d Leaves discussion chat
/l <words> Talk in local chat (people within 50m)
/ooc <words> Same as local chat (people within 50m) but for out of character messages
/wh <words> Talk in whisper (people within 5m)
/ch <channel letter> Set for your messages to default to sending in one of the channels (g,d,l,ooc or wh)
/helpop <words> Talk to all staff who are online at the time.
/msg <name> <words> Send a private message
/realname <nickname> See the username corresponding to a nickname
/nick <name>


/nickname <name>

Change your character name
/tpa <name> Send a request to teleport to someone
/tpahere <name> Send a request for someone to teleport to you
/tpdeny Denies most recent TPA request you received in the last 120 seconds
/tpaccept Accepts the current TPA request that you've gotten in the last 120 seconds
/c list View the list of spells you have
/c <spellname> Casts the specified spell
/c help <spellname> Gives a description of what the spell does
/dis Disguise as a mob (only applicable for certain races)
/undis Undisguise as a mob (only applicable for certain races)
/money OR

/bal OR /balance

Check how much money you have
/pay <name> <amount> Pay money to another player

/lock  ..or...  /cprivate

Lock a chest/door

Do /lock <password> if you wish to add a password

/cmodify @<name> Add a friend to your locked chest


Remove a friend from your locked chest
/unlock Unlock a chest

Do /unlock <password> if there is a password

/sethome <new home name> Create a home teleport point (max of 3 per player)

More home points can be bought at the donation store

/home <home name> Teleport to your home teleport point
/delhome <home name> Deletes the selected home so you may set a new one
/r or /reply Automatically replies the last person that messaged you (instead of using /msg)
/res .. or.. /player <username> Show information about a player (money, town, join date, etc.)
/co i Toggle core-protect details 
/roll or /rolldice Nifty command for rolling dice in certain role-play situations (people within 25m - half of local chat). You can add numbers to roll between certain numbers - ex. /roll 5 20 will roll between 5 and 20

This is useful for players who want a DnD style roleplay

/recipe <item> <number> Shows you what is needed to make the item, as well as how to lay it out in the crafting
/mcstats Shows your individual McMMO skill levels