aka Sarah

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in Australia
  • My occupation is Administration
  • I am Female


Character view of Sarah

Hello, My name is Sarah, (Username: HashBr0wnie).

I love to play Elysium RP whenever I get the chance. I can also be found prowling around the forums while I am at work. 

My character's race is a human trader, and I live at the top of a giant hill in the town of Penrose_House. I like to build/stock my shop which I've built near the town's spawn.

I am the founder for this wiki, and hope to see it grow. Recently after starting this wiki progect, I was also invighted to join the Elysium staff team, which is a true honour for me.

My Current Wiki Goals:Edit

  • Create a page for every town
  • Create a page for every chest-shop in Elysium
  • Add all the hyperlinks
  • Convince others to help edit the wiki too!
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