History Edit

The Voima_Harmonia_Realm - previously named Order_Of_Harmony - is a nation  which was originally founded by Darkecojaj in March 2015, with the assistance of HashBr0wnie, and advice/guidance from Mellonlord33 and joshuakyle143.

It was originally formed to re-unite the towns of the fallen nation Emprise_du_Lion, and to maintain peace between the three leading Nations of that era. This decision was made following a series of Meetings referred to as the "Meeting of Nations " where concerns were discussed with particular reference to both the Slantin_Emprie and Emprise_du_Lion.

In late 2015, DarkEcojaj left the nation and handed over its ownership to HashBr0wnie.

The Nation is now used as a collection of peaceful towns which follow a strict rule of zero-tolerance for Towny wars (which is enforced both in RP and out of RP).

Towns Edit

Most towns of the Voima_Harmonia_Realm are open to public visitors and are designed to provide a positive contribution to the Elysium Community.

Town Owner/Mayor Public Features
End Blackbushi/Edward_Lupin End portal
Farm HashBr0wnie/Alessia_Is_Swag Farm crops
Ocean HashBr0wnie/KingboEli Ocean monument for guardians
Eldari Bobrechaun Large church for RP
Amanita  Armastella  Mooshroom Holiday Island
Ponyville HashBr0wnie Pony RP area
Shops HashBr0wnie/Lind_ Item trading
Stormwind X_MissPancake_X -
Anor_Londo Pe5t_C0ntrol -
North_Pole HashBr0wnie/Rolster3 -
The_Empire HashBr0wnie/Blumoose -