Cast Vote

Cast Vote

Players can vote for Elysium via:

To receive rewards, the player must be logged in while voting, and correctly enter their username, aswell as completing the re-captcha.

Planet Minecraft limits voting to a maximum of once every 24 hours per player.


In accordance with Mojang's EULA, Elysium offeres a random chance to reward everyone online when a player votes. These global rewards include: $200 to everyone online, a horse spawn egg for everyone online, a global speed boost (1 min), and a global saturation boost (2 mins).

In addition, every time a player votes, they will receive a $500 in-game money reward for voting. There is a random chance that the player will also obtain an extra reward, such as: pet experience points, playerheads, horse spawn eggs, or extra money.

  Elysium also keeps track of how many times a player has voted in total, and will give additional rewards at certain milestone points.

List of Milestone rewards:

Number of Votes Reward What it Does
5 $500 in-game money Helps you to buy things
15 Enchanted Earth Spell (Unknown)
20 $2,500 in-game money Helps you to buy things
25 Frost Armour spell (Unknown)
35 Horse Spawn egg x2 Summon two permanent horses.
45 Cleanse Spell Rids self of ailments (poisoned, burn, etc.)
60 Feather of Swiftness Super speed when holding the feather.
80 Hailstorm Spell (Unknown)
100 Safe Fall Spell No fall-damage for a period of time
125 Cow x2, Sheep x2, and Chicken spawn egg Summon a permanent farm.
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