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Wraiths them selves are but Husks of their former Beings, their Souls and Dark Aura being the only thing that keeps them who they were. Being a Wraith under the Will of the Void is, Rather The Cause of the Darkness, The Void, And the Thrall Nithral himself. Many Being can be Tainted by such ways May not be turned into these Wraiths by This Process. The Darkness has Claimed many Thralls, under Nithral's Supervision and command, Such as Bregnir, Telo Darkmoon, And Mathis Blackfyre.

Apearence and Abilities:Edit

  • Many of the Wraiths under the Power of the Void and Darkness, Look and have the Apearence of the Witherd out Husks from the Netherland Plane, But unlike The Husks of the Nether these Wraith like Creatures Were Strong and More Powerful than anything a Mortal had everrseen
  • Many of these Wraiths would look Raged and Skeleton like but the, Stronger and high ranking Wraiths would Wear Armor of Dark clad Iron, And Crowns of Clad Steel.
  • The Wraiths would have the Power to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies . Many Wraiths Power of Fear comes from Group Strength, Their Auras Work as a Group machine and Combine their Dark Aura's Into a Lethal Weapon of Fear.
  • Another Power Of Strong Wraiths, or on rare occasions Normal Wraiths , Is the Dark Breath. Dark Breath Used by Strong Wraiths Such as Telo Darkmoon, The power is used to Scare the Hearts of men. The Dark Breath Strikes into the Heart and it is used To Strike Posion to it, it causes Nightmares, Fear, Eventually Death, and The Breath of these Wraiths is so cold It can Cause Hypothermia, and in Rare chance a Comma.
  • In some cases Special Wraiths are Able to enscibe Runes into Their Weapons that in Hopes of succeding they Will turn the Victim of the Stab into Wriaths themseleves as the Posion of the rune makes its way into the Victims heart.